GRIT Report

The GRIT Report (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) is an annual industry standard magazine that was in need of a revamp. I was given free reign on the style so I decided to create a bold, modern and eye catching graphic that could be used throughout the magazine. I came up with the hexagonal pattern that, when overlaid with a transparency, created 3D blocks. I felt that this reflected in a visual way how GRIT builds a nuanced picture of the market research industry from flat data.

After updating the look of the magazine the logo started to look dated in comparison so I updated it to match the new look and feel of the magazine. Another way I felt that the magazine could be improved was the visualisation of data, so I created a range of new graphs to be used.

Overall the client was extremely happy with the updated design, you can see their review below.

“After years of growing in importance to the industry as a barometer of trends and strategic direction, it was time for the GRIT report to be updated visually to ‘practice what we preach’ and become more visually engaging to tell the story of our findings in a better way. Our first, last and only choice to help make that happen was the Keen as Mustard team. They worked with us in a deeply collaborative way, guided the process with excellence, and helped us create a new standard for GRIT that incorporated the best of what had come before while refreshing it to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most dynamic and interesting reports in the world. The final result was a new GRIT that has received accolades by many readers and a product we are very proud of in every way. The Keen as Mustard team quite simply rocked this engagement, and I can’t wait to find another opportunity to work with them.”